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Barry Olsen releases a piano trio recording with Boris Kozlov on bass and Vince Cherico on drums. Although to the average listener it may not sound Latin per se, our playing on much of this recording owes as much to the Cuban and West African rhythmic tradition of "clave"as it does to straight ahead jazz.

From the liner notes...

After 29 years as a professional musician I am happy to present my first recording as a leader. Although for most of my career i have worked primarily as a trombonist, I felt the piano trio would be the best format to realize the kind of spontaneity which I wanted to capture. I chose two musicians with whom I felt a great affinity. We had played together regularly over the years before this recording but never as a trio. We didn't rehearse and I didn't tell them anything about the tunes except the tempo. (Even that, I told them only if we had to start together!) Otherwise they just followed me. Many aspects of the structure of the arrangements were spontaneous.




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