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Zie_Mwea-Tray-imageZie Mwea
(Natural Conditions)
Ancient Keyboard Music
of West Africa

Bernard Woma, Valerie Dee Naranjo, Barry Olsen

Music for Gyil, Kuar, Voices and Dancing.

MandaraMusic MN 5301

1. Pog Tona (hard working woman) 7:22
2. Dome Yang Mhaa (the enemy is happy) 6:19
3. Nifaa Mi Kpi (the bad person has died) 6:38
4. A Ni Been (the loner is thinking) 8:09
5. Milgala Mil Gongolo (if you gossip) 6:51
6. Kola Per Bir (cat and mouse) 1:19
7. A Ni Fa Bie (a bad person’s child must also eat) 6:09
7. Yaa Yaa Kole (keep beggin’ baby) 6:01
8. Naamwin in Nu Tom (God has sent me) 8:40

Produced by Valerie D. Naranjo; Recorded and Mastered by Ed Uribe at Dancing Planet MediaWorks, Cresskill, NJ

cover design by castello creative • photos by salvino campos

© 2000/2001 mandara music all rights reserved

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