“To Run”

(Dance from the North of Ghana)

Kakrabab Lobi/ orch. Paul Leary
for solo gyil and orchestra

Kakraba Lobi, as a founding member of the National Dance Company of Ghana, was often required to play solo during costume changes. After a time, both the public and international promoters realized that Kakraba could do performances all by himself, hence his international career as a soloist blossomed. He was invited by the German government to a year-long residency in Cologne, during which time he carefully observed classical performers, musicians who, as he said: “play for people who don’t dance, but sit.” This influenced his writing style, which is unique among composers for gyil.

The style “Joro” is an adaptation of the traditional rhythm “Bem Pong”. It is exciting, explosive, and fast. It is arranged for solo gyil by Kakraba Lobi and orchestrated by Paul Leary. This fast-paced, rhythmically complex piece, full of metric interplay between gyil and orchestra, is difficult for both. It was premiered by the Contemporary Youth Orchestra in 2009 and was next played by the National Symphony of Ghana in 2019.

(Also available as a solo gyil piece)


  • Solo: Gyil (G A B D E G A B D E F# A B D)
  • Woodwinds:  Piccolo | Flute (2 parts) | Oboe (2 parts) | English Horn |
  • Clarinet (Bb, 2 parts, Bass) | Bassoon (2 parts, Contrabassoon)
  • Brass:  Horn (F, 4 parts) | Trumpet (Bb, 3 parts) | Trombone (2 parts, Bass) | Tuba
  • Strings:  Violin (2 parts) | Viola | Cello | Doubble Bass | Harp
  • Percussion (ensemble 5 players) :  Timpani (4) | Marimba (4.3) | Vibraphone | Glockenspiel | Concert Bass Drum | Snare Drum | Tom-Tom (4) | Sus. Cymbal | Claves | Temple Blocks (5) | Slap stick

U.S. Retail: $30.00 (includes score and solo part)
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