Love Afia

For Afia

Valerie Naranjo/ Garrett Wingfield
for solo gyil and Wind Ensemble

Love Afia is a movement from the suite “Tierra Pura” written for and in countries around the world, about the possibility of world peace.
The lovable Afia lived with her parents on the ocean in Accra, Ghana.

This chorale 12/8 vivace movement has a choral introduction and a joyful short main theme. Love Afia has a brief, difficult and unusual gyil part with a basic yet beautiful Wind ensemble score.


  • Solo: Gyil (G A B D E G A B D E F# A B D)
  • Woodwinds: Flute | Piccolo | Clarinet | Bassoon
  • Brass: Trumpet | Trombone | Tuba

U.S. Retail: $30.00 (includes score and solo part)
Available from Bachovich Music Publications
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