Native American Music
to Heal the Spirit

Valerie Dee Naranjo
Traditional Native American song is much more than entertainment, intellectual stimulation, or social pursuit. It is used to change the life condition of the entire community. It helps to heal the maladies of the mind, body, and spirit.

In the Native community, the musician is thought of as a sound healer and an important teacher. The instrument makers, even the plants and animals involved, are blessed and initiated, and they hold a special place in the community.

Native American instruments include: Taos drum, bombo, log drums, frame drums, bones, jingle mats, Kechua flutes, reed horns, mouth bows, ancient marimbas, hoe blades, reed bundles and rattles made of nut shells, seed pods, sea shells, turtle claws, animal horns and animal toenails.

“It is my honor to share a tiny sample off the indigenous songs of the land that we walk on so that we may enjoy and appreciate this precious inheritance.” —Valerie Dee Naranjo

The following selections from this recording are provided here as MP3 files.

Ute Sun Song


Stamp Song

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