kakrabacdSMSong of Legaa
Kakraba Lobi with Valerie Dee Naranjo and Barry Olsen

Played with two wooden/rubber beaters, the West African gyil, antecedent to the marimba, can be played alone or in ensemble with a second gyil and/or drummers, singers and dancers. Its unique sound punctuates all aspects of Lobi and Dagara life.

Ghana’s Kakraba Lobi is considered the Gyil’s greatest spokesperson by virtue of being one of the only living virtuosi to have mastered the instrument’s vast and difficult repertoire, and to have gained international acclaim as a concert soloist. Song of Legaa is a spectacular celebration of traditional gyil playing at it’s very best!

The following selections from this recording are provided here as MP3 files.


Bagbine Song Cycle

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