Kakraba Lobi/Valerie Naranjo:
Guun (Sacred music of West Africa)





Guun (pronounced “GOON”)- is one of the most spiritually captivating and technically challenging styles of Kakraba Lobi’s repertoire. This arrangement is a song cycle of ten individual pieces all of which are part of traditional funeral music. Guun studies the influence of gyil music on popular music of the Americas: R&B, Gospel, A Caballo (Afro-Latin), Samba, and minimalism. 


1)Khol Maiya
2) En Yowa Part 1
3) The Sweet Memories
4) En Yowa Part 2
5) Men’s Music
6) Eeiya
7) Bass Wonder
8 ) Eeiya Reprise
9) Lobi Funk
10) Tol Jil Danga Lembie


-Transcribed for 5.0 Octave Marimba


The Mandara Music Gyil Transcription Series features some of the best-known pieces for this instrument.

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