Our Latest CD has a new look   Please note that the CD Mandara Music Sampler is the repackaged “World Music for Western Percussion Ensemble”.  Mandara Music Sampler has exactly the same great percussion ensemble pieces as does the World  Music for Western Percussion Ensemble. Mandara Music Sampler, while being a guide for percussion ensembles using Western instruments, is also a great listen. This “Best of” CD provides example ensemble recordings for Abibigromma, and Guun –  for soloist and percussion quartet (Ghana), Tommy Tall Bird (Dineh, Native America) and “Rising (Naranjo, Olsen, Palombo); for the West African Music for the Marimba Soloist transcriptions Wenda Kanawa, Kpanlogo, Jong Kpek Kple, Kaang Kuon Kpar, and Fer Barre Kona Jeno (the trio version. The Orchestral Version can be found on the CD Concertos by the CYO of Cleveland.) There are also included new selections for the recent WAMMS transcription book “Song Collection #2”  The new title Mandara Music Sampler has made the CD friendlier to listeners who are not specifically percussionists.




Mandara releases debut CD

Described as an “African imbued jazz percussion ensemble.” and ‘a fascinating assemblage of instrumentalists and vocalists from diverse ethnic and musical backgrounds.’ This all-star quintet celebrates the link from African and Native American chamber music (on traditional instruments), to its grandchildren – the jazz and popular dance music of the Americas.


Always Climbing

Barry Olsen releases a piano trio recording with Boris Kozlov on bass and Vince Cherico on drums. Although to the average listener it may not sound Latin per se, our playing on much of this recording owes as much to the Cuban and West African rhythmic tradition of “clave”as it does to straight ahead jazz.


Lewaa’s Dream

Lewaa’s Dream features Valerie Dee Naranjo with Kakraba Lobi, Bernard Woma, Obo Addy, Joni Haastrup, Barry Olsen, Shawn Pelton, Randy Crafton, and Benny Koonyevsky


West African Music for the Marimba Soloist

Performances by Valerie on
4 1/2 octave marimba of the
entire series oft ranscriptions to date.


Da Yillena (Wood That Sings)

Da Yillena (Wood That Sings)
Ancient Keyboard Music of West Africa

The 3rd CD by Kakraba Lobi, Valerie Dee Naranjo, Barry Olsen

Music for Gyil, Kuar, Voices and Dancing.


Song Of Niira

Song Of Niira

The second trio CD by Kakraba Lobi,
Barry Olsen, and Valerie Naranjo


Zie Mwea (Natural Conditions)

Zie Mwea (Natural Conditions)
Ancient Keyboard Music of West Africa

Bernard Woma, Valerie Dee Naranjo, Barry Olsen

Music for Gyil, Kuar, Voices and Dancing.


Orenda Native American Music to Heal the Spirit

Native American Music to Heal the Spirit

Valerie Dee Naranjo

An innovative new recording by Valerie Naranjo featuring traditional Native American songs and instruments.


Song of Legaa

Song of Legaa
Kakraba Lobi with Valerie Dee Naranjo
and Barry Olsen

A new CD by one of the most innovative percussion trios in music today, this recording captures the essence of the Gyil and other traditional West African percussion instruments. Hear the mastery of Kakraba Lobi in performance with Valerie Naranjo and Barry Olsen.