Zie_Mwea_CDCovSMZie Mwea
(Natural Conditions)
Ancient Keyboard Music
of West Africa

Bernard Woma, Valerie Dee Naranjo, Barry Olsen

Music for Gyil, Kuar, Voices and Dancing.

A new CD by one of the most innovative percussion trios in music today, this recording captures the essence of the Gyil and other traditional West African percussion instruments. Hear the mastery of Brnard Woma in performance with Valerie Naranjo and Barry Olsen.

Bernard Woma – Gyil, vocals, Valerie Naranjo – Gyil, vocals, Barry Olsen – kuar, vocals, with special guest, T’ombkhona Dlamini – Additional vocals

Zie Mwea is a collection of 9 traditional and contemporary songs for gyil trio, consisting of two gyil players (traditional Dagara keyboard instrument), kuar player (Dagara hand drum), all of whom sing. The addition of the beautiful voice of South African T’ombkhona Dlamini, and the “Dance Party” style of the arrangements make these live performances immediately accessible to ears that have never heard these ancient instruments before.

Available through on-line and regular CD retailers.

The following selections from this recording are provided here as MP3 files.

Pg Tona

Dome Yang Mhaa

Kola Per Bir

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