Fumaa Bwiche Naamwin Je
(Foo-ma BWEE-che NAM-win Jhe)

“You and I will Go to God One Day”

Baere Yotere/arr. Valerie Naranjo/orch. L. Leon Pendarvis
for solo gyil and orchestra

Fumaa Bwitche Naamwin Je is a contemporary gyil piece, written by Ba-ere Yotere of the Lobi/Brifo nation of Northern Ghana.
It is orchestrated, by SNL’s L. Leon Pendarvis, and was premiered by the Enid Symphony in Oklahoma.

Written in two parts, Part I features attractive melodies and metric modulations moving around a relentless hemiola in the gyil part. Part II is a bluesy lyrical theme and variations.
Advanced/professional – not a fast study.

(Also available as a solo gyil piece)


  • Solo: Gyil (G A B D E G A B D E F# A B D) 
  • Woodwinds: Piccolo, Flute (2 parts) | Bass Clarinet (Bb)
  • Brass: Horn (F, 3 parts) | Trumpet (Bb, 3 parts) | Trombone (2 parts, Bass) | Tuba)
  • Strings: Violin (2 parts) | Viola (2 parts) | Cello (3 parts) | Contrabass (3 parts) | String Bass | Harp 
  • Piano 
  • Synthesizer 
  • Percussion (Ensemble, 4 players): Timpani (4 drums) | Vibraphone | Shaker | Congas

Rental of all orchestral parts available ($50.00)

U.S. Retail: $30.00 (includes score and solo part)
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