Nite Song

Traditional Dagara/ Ghana
arr. Valerie Naranjo/ orch. Matt Veldigan

For vibes or Bb minor gyil and orchestra

Lawra, Ghana is the host village of the Kobine Festival of Traditional Art, which includes a hefty competition. The nights leading up to “Kobine” are filled with virtuoso displays of dance and gyil music. This piece was played by a twelve-year-old boy. Although deemed a “beginner piece” this treasure captures the sweet and vibrant nature of Lawra.  It is in Eb minor, with improvisation for trombone, trumpet, and vibraphone, (or the instruments of choice.)

(Also available as a marimba solo)


  • Solo: Vibraphone or Gyil (Ab Bb Db Eb F Ab Bb Db Eb F Ab Bb Db Eb) **Please contact Bachovich for the traditional Pire (introduction)
  • Woodwinds: 2 Flute | 2 Oboe | 2 Clarinet (Bb) | 2 Bassoon
  • Brass: 4 Horn (F) | 3 Trumpet (Bb) | 3 Trombone | 1 Tuba
  • Strings: Violin (2 parts), Viola, Cello, Bass
  • Percussion (2 players): Timpani (3-4) | Sus Cym | Ride Cym

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