Tierra Pura

“Pure Earth”

Valerie Naranjo/ orch. Andrew Beall
for solo gyil G major pentatonic & chamber orchestra or string quartet

When the composer made her first journey to Santiago de Cuba, she was struck by the pride and loving care that people had for their land. Tierra Pura is a nine movement suite for various combinations of instruments written for and in countries around the world, about the possibility of world peace. Tierra Pura was written for and premiered by “Cutumba” The Dance/Drum/Song Company of Santiago de Cuba at Cuba’s Fidanze Festival in April of 2017. The orchestral concerto version of this title movement was premiered in 2018 by the National Symphony of Ghana.

The swinging allegro movement for gyil and orchestra is the title movement for the suite. It is written in the style of Dagara Bewaa, with many Lobi/Brifo flourishes and stylistic figures. Although the gyil part has a few difficult passages in the right hand, the part fits nicely under the hands. The orchestrations are simple, short and straight forward, guaranteeing a successful experience.

(also available for String Quartet or Wind Ensemble)


  • Solo: Gyil ( G A B D E G A B D E F# A B D )
  • Woodwinds (1 part each): Flute, Piccolo, Oboe | 2  Clarinet (Bb) | Bassoon
  • Brass: 2 Horn (F) | 2 Trumpet (Bb) | 2 Trombone | Tuba)
  • Strings: Violin (2 parts) | Viola | Cello | Double Bass
  • Percussion (2 players): Concert Bass Drum | Snare Drum | Cowbell | Sus. Cymbal | Gong | Conga

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